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Mortgages and tax remain our largest expense.  Let us help you use some of your hard earned tax dollars towards your wealth objectives.

PAYE – or pay as you earn Australians can pay up to 47% in tax. Whilst you may be self-employed and have a little more creative flexibility, we all continue to waste important tax benefits for those that are eligible.

The Australian government, are very supportive in providing great tax benefits, providing you operate under a correct investment structure and the guidelines of the Australian tax department.  Using these benefits can be a benefit, not a burden.

Why not start looking at tax a little bit differently - take a responsible look at how you can use your tax dollars to your advantage. The opportunity to get some of that money working for you can benefit you and your loved ones.

 If you feel you are paying too much tax, you probably are.

When considering any tax plan this must be done in conjunction with a qualified licenced professional and whilst complying with relevant Federal and State Legislation.

Through our referred partners:

·        Tax Returns

·        Tax Variations Forms

·        Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly BAS Preparation and Lodgement

·        SMSF Tax Returns and Audits

·        Company, Trust Set-Up, Structuring and Advice