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It was an absolute pleasure to deal with Andrew and The Philco team. The transition was seamless, and all our nerves were settled at every turn. No phone call was ever too silly or time wasting for them. We are excited at the prospect of working with Andrew and The Philco team in the future and furthering our portfolio.

Rachel McCarthy

We do believe that Philco Partners have helped us in achieving our first step towards our future in wealth. If it wasn’t for their services we would not have ever taken this step in our life at this current moment. Thank you for all your advice and help so far.

T & S Jovanoksi
Thomastown, VIC

During that seminar, Phil explained how many of us are brought up to believe that the best way to get ahead is to pay off your house as fast as you can. Only then it is wise to look at investment. He delivered some home truths about how much longer we can expect to live and that superannuation is not nearly enough to enjoy retirement in the lifestyle many of us are presently in, let alone better it. I certainly wont after all these hard years of raining my family and being a fulltime working mother, be able to have decent retirement with some money to travel and not have to always count the pennies. Being a non-financial person, I just knew I had to seek assistance to plan my financial side of life better. After attending other financial seminars on investment, Philco Partners was the first one that didn’t cost anything, present honest, confronting facts, the outlook for those choosing to stay “unplanned” for the future, the options and how Philco Partners assists people to achieve a low risk investment through new property investment. I know they were right for me. I must admit that I didn’t hesitate in making the leap, even though there was no logical reason for it. I guess it was the “lemmingitis” as Jan Somers calls it in her book ‘Building Wealth in Changing Times” (another fantastic freebie included in this experience). Why wasn’t everyone else doing this if it sounds so good? I now know that some people will just not chance their mind set if it challenges the status quo or required them to move out of their comfort zone. I am really glad I did. My session with the finance company was another “mind blowing experience”. I was presented with a creative approach to restructuring my loans which; - Cuts down the time to pay off my existing home load and - Enable me to purchase a more expensive investment property than I though I would be able to…all without a deposit and - Only having to contribute each week, what I would pay if I ate lunch ina café - A “set and forget: loan repayment schedule After selecting a property, a legal professional helped to sign legal documents. I cannot speak more highly of the professional and dedicated service from experts in their fields – all of which help make up the Philco Partners experience I had and will continue to enjoy, as I look forward to purchasing property investment number two, three, four and five.

Marie Rosier
Beaumaris, Vic

Attend the seminar with a positive attitude and expand your knowledge. It all seems unreal, but believe it. Research your options and make a decision. Move on it immediately and don’t listen to negative stories. Trust your advisor, he is working for you. Take a chance!

Linda De Kuyper
Prahran, Vic

My Wife and I are in our early 50’s, and like so many others have neglected our future thinking there was going to be a pension. The team at Philco opened our eyes and Introduced us to our future in property Investment, and as new comers we were very green around the gills, but the Philco Team assisted us from start to the finish and made every transition an enjoyable moment. The professionalism and dedicated service we received from The Team was a reward in itself. We are now waiting for our second Investment property to be built and none of the above would have been possible if it wasn’t for the Philco experience. Thank you so much.

Tony McPhee
Brisbane, Qld

At our mid forties and looking at the future, superannuation looked bleak. Introduction to property investment with this financial package certainly opened up the future to a totally new horizon. Within the first four weeks of this process, retirement funding may have changed past our wildest dreams, we look forward to the future, thanks.

R & J Bibby
Endeavour Hills, VIC

Our first contact with Philco was via a cold call which in most cases I usually decline. On this occasion there was a level of integrity in the call which led me to meet directly with Phil. It proved to be well timed as I had wished for some time to set up a SMSF and Phil was able to demonstrate in a logical and practical way how investing in residential property both within and outside of a superannuation fund could be affordably achieved. The point of difference that resonated with us was that Philco insisted that the proposed investment had to be financially sustainable from the outset. I recall several investment properties being considered before one was recommended that best suited our needs. Working with Philco has proven to be the step that has allowed us to take control of our own superannuation and become more actively involved in its investment strategies. Without Phil's advice and support it is unlikely this would have occurred.

L & J Watts
McDowall, QLD

A finely balanced investment strategy into property acquisition which we would not have achieved using conventional methods.eo.

G & S Mandarano
West Footscary, VIC

My wife and I were both hesitant at the beginning but were put at east by both the caring and professional manner of all the people we dealt with.

N & T Middling
Delahey, VIC

Philco’s initial seminar and follow up consultations clearly explain out options to move towards a wealth creation strategy and their introductions to other specialists for continuing advice and help with actual action was just what we needed.

B & V Davies
Clarendon, SA

I have been to many financial meetings, I found the Philco system the best and this was largely due to Phil at the introduction meeting. The follow up gave us the confidence to go further, which we did. The finance meeting and selection of a residence, the lawyers compiling of the paperwork. I can assure anyone apprehensive, relax, listen to the professional people and make your decision with confidence.

Barry Reed
Frankston, VIC
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