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Self-Managed Superannuation Fund – Guiding Your Retirement Planning

When planning for your retirement, the purpose of your self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF) – will be of particular importance. This is especially relevant for PAYG income earners. With a properly managed SMSF, you can accelerate the value of your retirement and create a stress-free future. Philco Financial Strategies combines your superannuation with an innovative property investment model to create profits without out-of-pocket costs.


What is an SMSF?

A Self-Managed Super Fund in the ideal way to put you in charge of your investment future. In essence, an SMSF is a process of moving the money in your industry super fund into your personal, self-managed environment. With SMSF’s, the beneficiaries are also members, meaning a number of responsibilities, but also the opportunity to benefit.
With the right guidance from the team at Philco Financial Strategies, you can experience all the benefits.


Self-Managed Super Advantages

To secure your financial future and accelerate your retirement planning, Philco Financial Strategies superannuation investment strategies can help you. If you’re disenchanted with the progress of your current super or are worried about your retirement, a well-managed SMSF can provide a solution.
Other benefits include:
• Transparency with where your money is invested
• Greater superannuation investment options
• Ability to leverage concessional tax rates


How We Work With Your Super

We take all the benefits of your superannuation and maximise them even further. The Philco team can provide safe and secure properties to invest your super in, helping you to grow towards retirement.

This unique model of property investments means no cost outlays and no money coming from your day-to-day budget. Instead, you use your super to invest, meaning investment is now within the reach of anybody who wants to secure their future.

To find out if your Superannuation could be doing more for you, call Philco Financial Strategies today on (07) 5539 9199.