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If circumstance were to prevent you from earning your income, could you sustain your current lifestyle?

This is the question that you need to ask yourself in regards to your retirement, after all don't you want to be able to sustain your current lifestyle once you stop working? Having a sound financial strategy in place is paramount to securing financial independence and the long term lifestyle you deserve.

Just a generation ago, people were conditioned to crave the stability of earning an income, securing a mortgage, meeting monthly repayments and eventually moving into retirement, hopefully debt free.

Today, attitudes have evolved into more of an investment culture – people are living longer, hold different ideals and want to retire at an age where they can be in good health to enjoy life, travel, and fulfill their dreams. Today’s savvy income earner realises their superannuation funds alone are not enough to sustain the retirement they desire.


Philco Financial Strategies can assist you in planning for a comfortable retirement through property investment. An experienced Philco Financial Strategist works closely with all of our clients to establish their long-term financial goals and then assists them to implement a tailored investment strategy to achieve these outcomes.

Philco Financial Strategies prides themselves on their no outcome, no fee service. Our goals are clear, structured and deliberate with no fragile pyramids of investment for our clients to worry about.

Strive towards the retirement that you deserve. Learn more about leveraging your super or contact us today for a free, no obligation chat today on (07) 5539 9199.