At Philco Financial Strategies, we help you to grow your wealth and build towards a comfortable retirement through property investment.

We understand that if you already own a home, you know the importance of investing. After all, the future market value of your property was undoubtedly central to your decision to buy.

We also know that a family home is about more than this, and that buying a home involves using your head and your heart. Philco Financial Strategies can help you to take the next step towards investment properties and presents a better alternative to sustainable retirement planning.


Why an Investment is Better

When you bought your family home there were undoubtedly overriding factors that influenced the sale. Space, location to certain activities, and even an emotional attachment all play a part in choosing a place to live.

An investment property is just like this home but with one key difference. You’re not concerned about how many children you plan to have, the warm feeling the property gives you or even its location (except as an exponent of market value).

This gives you the freedom to shop simply for expectations of growth in market value. This is how we shop for you, except we do it with the power of experience and specialty knowledge. We provide:

  • Expert knowledge of how the market works
  • Over twenty years of experience
  • A checklist of due diligence that is second to none
  • An extensive market network that opens up new opportunities

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