"Philco Financial Strategies provided us an opportunity to invest in property and establish a Self-Managed Superannuation Fund which we would not have been able to achieve without their guidance. They have continued to provide support and demonstrated a genuine interest in our financial wellbeing. We are very thankful that we found them."

~ Mark Horder & Tracey McCredie

"What we like most about the service was that they gave a complete outline of the information we needed to supply and once we provided that information they completed the process. Their professional staff were available outside of normal business hours to answer any questions we had and we have been pleased with the outcome."

~ Mark & Sally Burbidge

"I have personally met the Chief Executive Officer, Phil and the Finance Manager, Christine Gilliland and I have no hesitation in recommending Philco Financial Strategies for your next investment."

~Tracy Minall

"Thank you for opening my mind to the world and ways of property investment. I feel confident my financial future is now on the path to success."

~ Darren

"Taking the first step was the hardest and scariest. We found the Philco system very professional and organised. Philco did the hard work and without them we would not have taken the scary step of purchasing."

~Henry & Mandy

"We found that everything was explained simply so we could understand what we were being told. The people we dealt with were very patient and helpful. Philco made this very important decision as easy as it could be."

~Andrew & Joanne

"I am 41 and have a young son and another one on the way. We still have 18 years to go on our present mortgage and no way to save enough money for retirement. It felt like every time I read the paper about how much money is needed by the average person to retire and enjoy life after working, another black cloud rolled in. After talking with Philco and their representatives the cloud rolled away. My wife and I have bought two properties and hope to buy more. Things are a lot brighter now. I can’t thank Philco enough."

~ Brad

"Despite initially feeling nervous and cautious about buying a property interstate in an area we have no knowledge of, we are delighted with the property we have chosen. The system works – we checked out the figures with our accountant and they stack up. Every person we dealt with through the Philco system was helpful, informative and patient. We could never have done this on our own in the time it’s taken – we haven’t settled yet but are already looking forward to our next property! Thank you to all."

~ Geoff & Diane

"An extremely professional service. There were no pushy sales pitches. Time is taken to clearly explain the processes which gives you the knowledge and understanding to make informed decisions."

~ Shaun & Robyn

"We would like to thank Philco Financial Strategies for sharing their knowledge with us, for helping us to achieve our personal goals and taking our first step towards financial independence once again – Thank you."

~ G and O

"A finely balanced investment strategy into property acquisition which we would not have achieved using conventional methods."

~ Giovanni

"At this early stage we have found all parties have provided clear, professional and informative information. The appointment was excellent with no ‘hard sell’ or pressure. We look forward to the future. Thanks again."

~ Michael and Janice