wealth generation with Phil

 Phil, CEO and founder of Philco, known as Phil from Philco, is no stranger to challenges.

Phil wasn’t born into the property market and only started investing in bricks and mortar in 1974. The first half of his working life was spent in the fashion and cosmetic industry.

After leaving school at age 15, Phil departed England’s shores in search of a sunnier life. He sailed into Sydney Harbour on a blue-sky day in 1960 with just £10 in his pocket and a burning ambition to make a difference.


A chance encounter led to Phil joining a U.S. cosmetics company in the late 60’s eventually heading its Singapore and the then new Japanese operations. After five years spent in the east looking after the corporation’s interests he was elevated to vice-president of the giant U.S. company and became a member of the board.

Since Phil’s passion for property investment developed 35 years ago, it has never waned.

His passion, enthusiasm a willingness to learn and the ability to take action have since helped him build wealth and security for many Australians.

With well over 2,000 properties under his belt Phil could fill his own postcode with all the houses he has helped others invest in. Phil has helped thousands of Australians see the light at the end of their financial tunnel.