3 THINGS YOU CAN DO TODAY TO IMPROVE YOUR FINANCES Ever wondered how other people seem to have more than you? More money, more time, more savings? We know money doesn’t grow on trees so either they are in debt up to their eyeballs or they have set to work on the following 3 steps […]


7 RETIREMENT FACTS EVERY AUSTRALIAN NEEDS TO KNOW Australians are living longer than ever before resulting in longer retirements. This is great news, but did you know that Australians are not preparing themselves properly for the long term? (For more information on what you should consider in your retirement plan, download our FREE retirement checklist). […]


3 WAYS TO INCREASE YOUR CASH FLOW Are you suffering the “Paid on Friday, broke by Monday” syndrome? Is all of your money disappearing and you are not sure where it is going? Here are our 3 top tips to track your finances and improve your cash flow: 1. Keep a spending diary. This is […]


THE #1 RETIREMENT PLANNING MISTAKE The conventional approach to life is to work hard, buy a house and pay off your mortgage before you retire. This is what we are conditioned from a young age to do in order to enjoy a comfortable retirement, but have you ever really considered the logic of this approach? […]


WHY RETIREMENT SCARES ME Sometimes I wake up and can’t figure out how I got to this age. Obviously I know how I got to this age but time seems to have flown past and whereas my friends and I used to discuss the latest fashions, holiday destinations and our kids, these days we discuss […]


RETIREMENT IS NOT A DIRTY WORD! For most, retirement seems like a far off land that we will hopefully reach at some distant point in the future and therefore, we don’t need to worry about it now. There is something comfortable about thinking that it doesn’t need to be a priority today what with all […]

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3 Things to Consider When Buying an Investment Property Purchasing an investment property is an exciting thing to do but it can also be a bit daunting given the number of things to consider before you invest so here are our top 3 things to consider before you buy! 1. New build or existing property? Investing […]


THE 2 TYPES OF INCOME FROM PROPERTY INVESTMENT YOU NEED TO KNOW When making the leap into the world of property investment it is important to understand the different types of revenue streams that are involved. In real estate the two types of returns on your investment are yield and capital gains. These two streams […]


PROPERTY INVESTMENT – IS IT RIGHT FOR YOU? Property investment is a dream for many Australians, but did you know that only around 6% of Australians actually own an investment property? This might be surprising given Australia’s fascination with property and home renovation programs like The Block and Selling Houses Australia, but whilst owning an investment […]