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How can Philco help me?

Philco can help you in many ways. We can help you to start planning for your retirement through tax assisted property investment and investment through Superannuation without putting stress on your household budget. By investing wisely today, you can own something that's growing in value and will be a foundation stone for your future retirement. Ask us how today!

Is property investment right for me?

Property investment is a long term strategy that requires time to maximise the capital growth of our investment property. If you are wanting super fast results, property investment may not be the best option for you, however, property investment can provide you with an income in retirement that could see you able to afford to do more in your retirement. Find out if property investment is right for you by reading this article. If you would like to know more about creating an income in retirement, please contact us today for a free consultation!


How does it work?

At the heart of The Philco Way is this philosophy: A sound investment strategy needs to ensure that a plan takes into account all outlays and considers worst case scenario. Our strategies are designed so that you are able to manage your investment portfolio in financial comfort. Our aim is to also demonstrate a structure that will not have a negative effect on your personal cashflow. Property investment strategies have been consistent for many years and advisors – including those at Philco Financial Strategies – recommend this simple process:

• Invest in house A

• Leverage house A to buy house B

• Leverage house B to buy house C

• Sell house A upon retirement to clear the debts on houses B and C and live off the income these properties provide

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I want to retire early. Can you help?

Yes! But early retirement takes planning and also sufficient time to grow your investments to the point where they can provide you a steady income that is high enough to support you in retirement. The sooner you start, the sooner you can reach your financial and retirement goals. Contact us today for a free consultation on 1800 99 22 22.


How much does it cost?

Nothing! Philco offers a no outcome no fee service. We also structure our investment strategies so you have no out of pocket expenses and are insulated against redundancy and job loss. For further information please contact us today for your free, personalised consultation on 1800 99 22 22.


I'm in my 50s...is this something for me?

Yes! If you feel you have left your planning for retirement a little bit late, contact us ASAP and we can chat to you about your individual circumstances and devise a tailored strategy for your needs. Contact us via email or call us today on 1800 99 22 22.


I'm not interested in being pressured into anything. Why should I talk to you?

We never pressure any of our potential clients into anything they are not 100% happy with. We just don't work that way. Sure, there are some people in the industry who do apply the pressure to potential investors, so wouldn't it be nice to have a free, no obligation chat with a company that doesn't use high pressure tactics? Philco Financial Strategies are keen to sit down with as many Australians as we can to inform them of tax assisted investment strategies that will secure their financial future. If you would like to learn more about how we can help you, contact us today or call us on 1800 99 22 22.


What makes Philco different?
  • We offer a no outcome, no fee service
  • There are absolutely no high pressure sales tactics
  • We are interested in achieving your financial and retirement goals
  • We have more than 20 years of success in the financial strategies industry
  • Philco has helped thousands of people just like you to increase their wealth


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